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Professional References

I met Shawn 6 years ago while doing helper (decoy, agitation work) for a training group at a canine training center in Westchester.  Shawn approached me and inquired about private work for himself and his dogs.  As Shawn was already an accomplished trainer, I was surprised by this request as trainers with Shawn's background do not look for outside input regarding improving their helper and handling skills.

Shawn has since demonstrated over and over that he has the innate ability, understanding, and athleticism to excel as a protection dog, K-9 service dog, schutzhund helper / decoy, as well as solidifying his skills as an obedience trainer and handler.

As a retired Police K-9 service dog handler and trainer as well as an AKC obedience competitor, world championship team schutzhund qualifier, helper, track layer, schutzhund training director at two clubs, importer and breeder of German Shepherd Dogs, as well as owning a kennel for 20 years, I could not recommend a trainer more strongly than Shawn.

Most recently, Shawn was chosen by the N.Y.P.D. Transit K-9 to do bite helper work at the U.S.P.C.A. Nationals in New Orleans on the K-9 teams most challenging dog.  Although not unprecedented, it is very unusual for a police agency to ask a civilian trainer for assistance which is an extremely strong endorsement of Shawn's skills.

Shawn continues to work and train on all aspects of his craft.  I could not possibly give a stronger recommendation for a trainer than Shawn based on the skills and abilities he already displays and for his never ending desire to reach the very top of his profession.

Mike Zenobia
Master Trainer


In my opinion, Shawn Stewart is one of the most thoughtful and sensitive dog trainers in the NY area. Mr. Stewart reads dog's well and has a firm grasp on all the essential elements necessary to effectively train dog's and their owners. Anyone seeking training help should consider inviting Shawn over to take a peek at their dog as he is a true expert in his field.


Steve Diller
Author of "Dogs and Their People"
Founder of the Center for Animal Behavior and Canine Training
Executive Director of the SPCA of Westchester


Dear Mr. Shawn Stewart,

My shelter has been working with you for that past four months to maximize our dog training program with both staff and volunteers. The changes that you have helped me implement have been momentous. As the shelter manager, it is critical that I am able to develop and organize a clear cut program that will benefit our shelter animals and, at the same time, maximize the usage of time in an already hectic environment. You have given me those tools and the confidence to put them into action. The staff is completely on board with the new kennel policies, scheduling, and hands on training. Because of your guidance, they are eager to participate and do what they can to re-home these dogs that they love so much.

Not only are the staff members working hard towards the goals that you have put in place, but the volunteers are as well. The volunteer orientations that you have designed have enabled the volunteers to be more effective in working with the dogs. You have helped change their mentality from feeling sorry for the dogs to being part of the solution. I am thrilled with their enthusiasm and success.

You have not only been an excellent role model for me as a trainer and a manager, but you have been compassionate, sympathetic, and extremely giving when it comes to the plight of our shelter animals. The appreciation that I have for you is beyond words. Rescuing and rehabilitating homeless dogs has become my life's passion and, because of you, I am able to do it more efficiently and with a tremendous amount of success. I am also confident that the training that the dogs will receive before being adopted will increase their success in the home and help prevent returns. Thank you on behalf of myself, my staff, volunteers, and of course the endless amount of dogs coming through our doors.


Karyn Montuori
Shelter Manager
Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge, Inc


I first met Shawn at the Center for Animal Behavior and Canine Training . I was doing my externship there in my last year of college. I quickly recognized Shawn as a great dog trainer and saw the opportunity to learn from him.

I began going on lessons with him and seeking his advice for problems I was having with my own dogs. Shawn was so eager and willing to share his knowledge. He introduced me to e-collars and demonstrated how effective they can be in training. He also deepened my knowledge of body language and how it affects your training abilities.

I was always impressed after a lesson with Shawn, he was always able to quickly and effectively teach these animals. I would recommend Shawn to anyone who has a problem with their canine friends as well as anyone starting out with a new dog or puppy.

Nicole Chillemi
LVT NY State


I first met Shawn when he returned from active duty post 9/11. I was aware of his education and background as it pertained to dogs and knew that he had a solid foundation.

I took an immediate liking to Shawn. Not only was he eager to learn more about dogs but he was not a know it all, which is, unfortunately, all too common of an attitude amongst younger dog trainers.

His thirst for dog knowledge is unquenchable. Shawn is the kind of person that not only knows that his first priority is the dog and its safety and security but it is also to be fair to the dog owner as well as be honest and up front with them, instead of telling them what they want to hear. His compassion is genuine and his honesty is refreshing.

About two years ago my dad Captain Haggerty, and I were planning a seminar that we were doing in New York on Aggression in Dogs. Part of the seminar was the actual handling of dogs that may be aggressive, unpredictable and difficult to handle. My dad taught me many years ago that when you are working with aggressive dogs to always have a back up handler. This is the person that when a dog goes after you and you are in trouble you must be able to trust that they will cover you. Very similar to a policeman's partner, your back up must be able to help you out when necessary because one wrong move with an aggressive dog could actually mean physical harm and even death. My dad was at a stage in his life that he would not be able to be my back up person, he asked me who I knew in New York that could be my back up handler. Without hesitation, I told him "Shawn Stewart". My dad met Shawn and liked him. My dad was not impressed easily so that in itself said a lot. I knew that I could trust Shawn.

That seminar weekend I had been working dogs and teaching trainers for eight hours each day for two days in a row. In that situation it is very easy to become mentally and physically drained. Two thing you do not want when working with aggressive dogs. However Shawn was there - ready, willing and able to back me up. I was able to count on him throughout the weekend and his help was tremendous.

It is without hesitation that I recommend Shawn as a trainer and dog handler. Not only are his talents apparent with dogs but he is a great person and I am glad to be able to call him a friend.

Babette Haggerty-Brennan