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Events and Seminars

Coming soon to NYC:
How much is that puppy in the window? Better worry about how to prepare your home and lifestyle before you impulse buy! Shawn will enlighten you about the challenges of bringing a new pet into your home. Date/time/location to be announced...


October 26 2006

RBARI Animal Shelter, Oakland, NJ
Shawn took the floor after being introduced by Shelter Manager and Training Director, Karen Montuori, to speak to members of the executive board and volunteers. The topics covered included increasing handling skills of volunteers, preparing dogs for new homes, screening of new homes and common task training to improve adoption rates while also lowering return rates. Shawn continues to advise RBARI on training matters and staff training.

April 8th 2006

Pace University, Pleasantville, NY
Shawn and Steve Diller team up to do a lecture and live demonstration with shelter dogs bought in by the Westchester SPCA . Shawn and Steve covered topics relating to stress in the shelter environment, looking at life through a dogs eyes, and new methods of behavior modification to include clickers and electronic collars. The crowd was amazed at the results that Shawn and Steve achieved with some of the more “rowdy” shelter dogs on hand. Some of the dogs on hand were Katrina rescues still in search of good homes. Many of the people in attendance were shelter staff, vet techs, and foster care providers who could pass on the information that Shawn and Steve provided.

September 23-25 2005

Shawn assisted the late World famous Captain Hagerty and his daughter Babette Hagerty during a three day training seminar that included breed identification, defensive handling,aggression,and dogs in movies and TV. During the seminar Shawn’s dog Arah demonstrated what controlled aggression looks like in action by doing a bite apprehension. After a great lecture on safe handling Babette and Shawn demonstrated defensive handling with shelter dogs.

"Captain Hagerty was larger than life and is often referred to as the grandfather of dog training as we know it. Captain Hagerty really was my 'grandfather' in the training business because I learned from one of his first students Louise Auger of Animal Urgent Care Inc."

Babette Hagerty and Shawn are sure to catch up with each other at least once a week and remain close friends.

November 14 2005

Shawn was invited back to SUNY Purchase College along with his GSD Arah to speak to a class titled “Animals and Society”. Shawn covered topics from shelter dogs adapting to new homes to the building and importance of the human-animal bond with respect to working dogs.

September 14th

Zion Lutheran School, Westwood, NJ
The Science and Technology classes were given a demonstration of dog tricks, clicker training, and obedience training by Shawn and his GSD Arah. This was the first demo geared towards grade school children. Everyone learned quite a bit that day. Special thanks to Kathy Snyder for setting things up for her students.

April 2005

Shawn was invited to SUNY Purchase College to speak during a class titled "Americans and Their Animals" During this lecture Shawn had his GSD Arah along to demonstrate hand signal control along as well as the effects of human body language on animals.

November 2004

Shawn was invited to speak at SUNY Rockland College to class titled "Americans and Their Animals". During this class Shawn spoke on topics relating to the use of dogs in homeland security, the historic use of dogs in war, and advancements in training techniques used today.

October 28 2004

Broadway NYC Dog Trainers Connection
Shawn gave his first seminar in NYC billed as "Training in Motion" this seminar focused mainly on body language communication and the use of fluid movements to better handle small to large breed dogs. With standing room only and people traveling from as far as New Hampshire this seminar was warmly welcomed by all that had attended.