Dogs Are Easy

Background and Training


November 2006-Current

Under the watchful eye of Mike Zinobia and Steve Diller Shawn trained/worked his personal dog Arah bi-weekly in drive work. Refinement of drive work takes time and the input of multiple trainers. Many of the lessons learned here have made their way into Shawn’s already great handling and teaching skills.

July 2006

Yonkers, NY

United States Police Canine Association, Course instruction given by DEA/HIDTA
K-9 detection and Narcotics smuggling trends used by the bad guys.

May 2006

University Law Enforcement Training Consortium , K-9 Unit Managers Course
A two day course for law enforcement and military members covering every facet of running a K9 unit given by Charles Kirchner

April 2006

Stamford, CT

MTA Police/USPCA event speaker, Chemistry Professor Jimmie Oxley of Rhode Island University .
A day long seminar on K9 scent detection geared toward TATP/HMTD (explosives) recognition,handling,and K9 team application.

October 2005

New York, NY

DEA Hdqts. USPCA Event
A comprehensive seminar covering K9 application in vehicle searches. After an informative seminar a live demo using many Police K9s to search impounded vehicles for hidden compartments was done with great success.

September 2005

Elmsford, NY

Center for Animal Behavior and Canine Training: Captain Haggerty and Babette Haggerty-Brennan
A Weekend with the Haggertys: Breed Identification and traits, defensive handling ,getting your dog in movies and TV Aggressive behavior management and identification

April 2005

New York, NY

Dog Trainers Connection: Carolyn Wilki
How Little Bo Peep Tames the Big Bad Wolf
What a Shepherd can Teach us About Effectively Changing Aggressive Behavior in Dogs

March 2005

New York, NY

Dog Trainers Connection: Div. Cdr. Jeffrey L. Endean
Scents and Scents-ability: Seeing the World Through a Dog's Nose

September-December 2004

Dobbs Ferry, NY

Mercy College Veterinary Technology 101 course as taught by professor DVM Jack Burke.
Shawn was able to sit in (audit) to observe semester and take in what pre-vet med students are learning currently. The knowledge gained during the attendance of this course is used every day by Shawn when working with dogs. The ability to point out what may be a trip to the Veterinarian’s office before starting a training program can save a lot of time and frustration on both ends of the leash.

December 2004

New York, NY

Dog Trainers Connection: Wes Artope and Loren Manzell
The Many Hats of a Dog Trainer: Teacher, Social Worker and Risk Assessment Manager also covering defensive handling skills

November 2004

Dix Hills, Long Island

E-touch Electronic Collar training course given by Martin Deeley of the International School For Dog Trainers.
A detailed course on the safe gentle use of the electronic training method as well as the introduction to many different collar types and systems.

November 2004

New York, NY

Dog Trainers Connection: Sidney Mihls No More Behavior Problems! (Well, Maybe Not "No More"... But Pretty Close)

April 2004

New York, NY

Dog Trainers Connection: Steve Diller
Dog Crimes: A look at whats wrong in the dog world

February 2004

Dix Hills, Long Island

Bridge and Target Training by Kayce Cover.
A very indepth look at positive training and communication method for use with all mammals.

December 2003

New York, NY

Dog Trainers Connection: John Browne
Belgian Ringsport - A Triple Threat: Agility, Obedience and Protection

September 2003

New York, NY

Dog Trainers Connection: Dr. Peter Borchelt
Halters - They've Been Around for 7,000 Years, So How Come We Don't Know How to Use Them?

July 2003

Babette Haggerty
Dogs Are From Earth - Their Owners Are From???
Also a look inside the author of "Woman’s best Friend" what all women should know about their dogs.

July 2003

Elmsford, NY

The Center for Animal Behavior and Canine Training
Then MP Sgt. Shawn Stewart attends service dog evaluations at the Center for Animal Behavior And Canine Training while on active military duty following 9-11. Information gained during these types of sessions is passed on to many members of the armed forces and law enforcement community.

Starting days after 9-11-2001 Shawn was called to active duty in what was the largest call up of troops to conduct Homeland Security operations stateside. Shawn was a Military Police Sergeant during this period which ended Feb 2004. During this time period Shawn used his civilian dog training and behavioral knowledge to assist in military, police, and homeland security operations. Shawn was exposed to many once in a lifetime opportunities to train with local, state, and government agencies.

May-Sept 2001

Elmsford, NY

The Center for Animal Behavior and Canine Training
Steve Diller invited Shawn to his facility in to observe his training program and soon after Shawn began to sit in on behavioral consults with Steve's clients. Shawn spends one day per week learning at Steve Diller’s facility. The behavioral knowledge learned during this time would help during Shawn's military call-up as well as his own professional training career.


Oakland, NJ

Auger’s Animal Training Institute and K9 College
Professional Dog Trainers Course and Advanced Trainers Course

For 18 months Shawn studied under training director Louise Auger gaining hands on experience with multiple breeds from first aid and hygiene to drives and instincts. Ten to twelve hour days were not uncommon when working the in the kennels with multiple dogs. Louise often assigned the smallest dogs she could find to Shawn to build handling skills with small breeds which are often faster and more difficult to work with than large breeds. It was after Shawn mastered his skills working with small breeds that training geared toward police K9, agility, tracking, and severe behavior disorders was given. Shawn completed over 1000 hours of the course outline during his time with Louise Auger. Louise is a hands on dog trainer that has made a difference in the dog world as did her instuctor, the late Captain Arthur Haggerty.


Shawn's interest in dog training is peaked after his family gets two puppies at once and then takes on a problem German Shepherd Puppy from a neighbor. This leads Shawn to a German Shepherd club that offered training courses. Shawn also enlisted in the US Army and completes basic training then Military Police School graduating in March 1996.