Dogs Are Easy


Shawn Stewart is a superb dog trainer.  He has a sixth sense about dogs and the reasons for their behavior.  After a few minutes of observing my pet and talking to me about my concerns, Shawn was able to hone in on the real problem and develop a program that was both understandable and practical.  I’ve worked with other trainers before, but the lessons Shawn has taught me were the first pieces of advice and direction that really made sense.  For the first time as an adult, I have a dog that is the friendly, well-behaved animal I always dreamed about, and I credit Shawn with helping me to make it happen.  When I see dogs pulling their owners, or enter a house where a pet barks constantly, I want to scream out, “It doesn’t have to be this way! Call Shawn Stewart!”

K. Lear
UWS New York City


Our family has been working with Shawn for twelve years. He has done an excellent job with our Jack Russell's, Rottweilers and Welsh Corgis. He has consistently trained our dogs for family life, and has taught us the importance of having a well adjusted and happy dog. We have referred Shawn to many of our friends who have had the same fantastic results.

Alissa & Tom,  Franklin Lakes NJ


My dog, Maisie, came from the New York City pound.  She was described as a "sweet lab mix, good on a leash, good with other dogs."  When I got her home, I discovered that, though she was indeed sweet, she was totally unmanageable on a leash and extremely anxious and aggressive with other dogs.  Luckily someone recommended Shawn, and Maisie and I started working with him.  He very quickly assessed her personality and the problems I was having and began to train both of us.  Gradually, over time, Maisie learned control, learned the basic commands, stopped being so afraid of other dogs and began to feel comfortable in the city environment.  Shawn used a variety of techniques to change Maisie's behavior.  He was reassuring to both of us during her training, and Maisie loves him and is always happy to see him.  She has become a wonderful dog: lively, responsive, obedient.  I can take her off the leash in Central Park because I know when I call her, she'll come.  Shawn's understanding of dogs and their behavior and his ability to exercise control without destroying the dog's spirit make him invaluable in training any dog, but especially dogs with difficult behavior problems.  Without him Maisie and I would still be struggling, and my guess is she would have won the struggle. 

Elizabeth ; CPW NY,NY


There are many competent dog trainers and then there is Shawn Stewart.  His methods and results put him into a league of his own. When our sweet and loving boxer, Bruiser, began exhibiting aggressive behaviors, we needed serious help. 

Shawn’s background, although impressive, seemed a bit intimidating, so we didn’t know what to expect.  He uses a logical, no nonsense approach to problem solving while being compassionate. His understanding of dog behaviors and how they relate to their owners is truly remarkable.  

Shawn has given us the tools and guidance we needed for both Bruiser and our Shih Tsu, Baxter.  Our training sessions were never boring or rote.  Each behavior that was targeted brought a new approach or location.  Working with Shawn had the added bonus of actually being fun as we experienced his warmth and sense of humor.  Not only are the dogs calmer, but so are we.  

Our family, including Baxter and Bruiser, has developed a strong connection to Shawn. We will continue to look to him for professional advice and as a friend. 

The Saperstein Family; Alpine ,NJ


It's one thing to show training competence with a dog you have worked with for several years, it's another thing to walk into my house and have better control of my dog in less than 5 minutes than I’ve had in the past five months.

After group sessions proved to be an unsuccessful waste of time, my wife and I decided we needed more personal attention. I scouted several trainers in my area that specialized in German Shepherds and was disappointed to learn nearly all used methods that I was opposed to (prong collars, negative reinforcement). My vet’s office gave me Shawn’s card and we talked a great deal about training methods and his background. I was particularly impressed with his military service and his work with local police and rescue services.

On Shawn’s first visit, we saw an immediate difference in Logan's behavior. Shawn was not only extremely competent when working with Logan, but he was also very capable of explaining what he was doing and why, something that we had always found lacking in other dog trainers. Within 3 visits we had control over most of Logan problems which included walking, lunging at cars, separation anxiety, general behavior issues, grabbing stuff off tables, chewing, etc.

Logan, at 14 months, is now adored by the community around us and constantly praised for how well controlled he is. He is just about border trained (without an electric fence) and I have had him off leash regularly without incident.

I would highly recommend Shawn services to anyone with a dog, whether you think you have control or not, he can benefit you by showing you better ways to focus your dog’s strengths while eliminating his/her weaknesses.

Sincerely and with much thanks to Shawn for all his work,

Joe, April, and Logan Bonanno


The best thing we ever did for our family was get a dog. The second best thing we ever did was hire Shawn to help us train him. Over the years, I've worked on many national dog shows and have seen all kinds of animal behavior...good and bad. And after having several issues with our previous dog, we decided to do things right this time around. Shawn was here the day we brought Reggie home. A ten week old golden cute it would have been easy to just let him rule the house. But with Shawn's guidance and unbelieveably effective positive techniques, we now have the best behaved dog in the neighborhood! We get compliments about Reggie every time we leave the house.

Shawn taught us that a well trained dog truly is the happiest dog. And I was amazed at how much fun our sessions were, both for me and Reggie! We never felt like this was "business" with Shawn...he was just like another member of the family cheering for Reggie's success. Living in New York City and listening to people constantly yell at their dogs, I'm reminded daily how lucky we are to have found Shawn.

Andrea Joyce


I'm writing you today to thank you for all you have done to help me train Misty my bull mastiff. When my family first got Misty we were a little overwhelmed with what to do with this adorable puppy. We had never had a dog before and it was all new to us. With your wonderful help you trained Misty and our family. Bobby, Brittany, and Kenny are wonderful with her, so is Richie and well she is my other baby. The things you taught us we would have never known without you and you helped to make her such a great family member. Your skills far surpass what I could have ever hoped for and you are truly gifted with what you do. I thank you, my family thanks you, and Misty thanks you.

We look forward to seeing you again in the near future. We wish you all the happiness in the New Year.


Denise, Richie, Bobby, Brittany, Kenny, and Misty too!


I just wanted to thank you again for your good work with Rozzi. As you know, his "negative attitude" towards other dogs was really holding him back and restricting his life. Now, when I let him out of my back door, he actually goes next door to my neighbor's house to ask if her black lab can come out and play! And we can leave them alone for hours of unsupervised romping in the back yard. It really has made a huge impact on his (and my) quality of life. I wish I had done it years ago.



Nancy Just, Ph.D., ABPP


Shawn came to me as a referral through RBARI (Ramapo Bergen Animal Shelter). I have two rescue dogs, each about 70+ pounds, that had horrible behavioral issues. One was aggressive towards people he didn't like and the other one had it in for poodles. They jumped on doors, broke windows, ate antiques, blackmailed me into anything but they are adorable and I love them.

Shawn came, I suspect, in wild disbelief. He was gracious enough not to collapse in fits of laughter over my situation. The change in both dogs is nothing short of amazing. Andrew, the younger poodle-hater, has calmed down a great deal, knows commands and barely bounces off walls. He adores Shawn. Benjamin is learning that he is no longer the boss, although he spent some time trying to tell Shawn that he was the Alpha. That didn’t go over very well with Shawn and I really think the message is finally getting through to Benjamin.

Shawn knows and understands dogs better than anyone I have met. I have had trainers in the past, lots of them, with results that peaked around zero. My dogs listen to him, behave for him and transfer that training to me. It's a different house since Shawn came here.

Reading some of Shawn’s Bio It might sound as if he were left over from some hideous military training camp, but he is so loving and kind.....he just won't let the dogs run his life the way they have run mine. He really cares about the boys and they love him.

If anyone has a dog or dogs that get the upper hand or have behavioral issues that can't be corrected, Shawn would be the only person I would recommend, for if the situation can be changed, Shawn will be the one to make it happen.

If anyone wishes to discuss the changes that have taken place with my boys over the last three months, please don't hesitate to contact me through Shepherd's Watch.

The Rev. Dale L. Cranston
Christ Episcopal Church
Suffern, New York


First we would like to thank you for all that you have done for Andy and the lessons you provided for the family. He is a great dog because of you and your personal attention. You provide training for the dog as well as us owners that makes the dog a perfect fit for the family. Attached is the picture of Andy flying through the air. (you may have to zoom/ crop it in to get the shot you need).Hopefully you can write up a nice story to include with the pic.

Thank you for all of your help we could not have done it without you.

Thanks again.

Tony and Beth Putz