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About Shawn

Shawn and ArahShawn Stewart founded Shepherd's Watch Professional Dog Training in 1999 as a multi-method training service equipped to work with dogs of every size and temperament. Shawn trains dogs of all breeds, and more importantly all ages. Shawn currently serves Bergen and Rockland Counties as well as the Upper West Side of NYC. Shawn will travel further by special request.

Shawn has demonstrated his methodical training program and his expertise in dog behavior in homes across the tri-state area. Shawn has also worked closely with animal shelters, breed rescue groups and homeland defense canine units. His television and movie credits playing himself or working with his dog Arah include the movie "Fur" starring Nicole Kidman, HGTVís new reality show "Leader of the Pack", Maury, and TLCís American Chopper. Shawn conducts behavior seminars and keeps up to date with the latest behavioral methods to add to his unique training background.

Shawn is often presented with the question "what method do you use?" The answer is more of a formulation based on the dogs behavior, owners'/families' capabilities, and the desired result. While there are many dog trainers, very few of them will stray from their comfort zone or preset ideas, which are motivated primarily by personal emotion. Shawn chooses methods based on results. On one day Shawn may use classical conditioning, using food and clickers to recreate Pavlovís Dogs or operant conditioning using an E-touch electronic collar to prevent a dog from going thru a front window. Again the method chosen will depend on many factors based on your situation and desires as a whole.

Shawn will work with you and/or your family to create a balance between the dog-human relationship, with the dogís understanding being at the forefront of the learning process. Please browse the Services area of our site and check out Shawn's client and professional testimonials. We hope to welcome you to the Shepherd's Watch family.