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Shawn will give you an honest assessment of your situation whether you are bringing a new puppy into your home, giving a rescue dog the gift of a new shot at life, or dealing with an existing pet with behavioral issues. His passion for his work is evident with every “sit”, “down” and “free" command.

As a chosen career of a behavioral dog trainer Shawn has spent the last 15 years training different breeds of dogs small and large, young and old. Shawn has been committed to working closely with his clients in their homes since 1996, and never as a hobby but as a full time profession. He is also a US Army Military Police veteran who has served in operations Provide Refuge (1999), Noble Eagle (2001), and Enduring Freedom (2003). 

Thanks to his training at the Master Trainer level, Shawn can bring many different methods into play in order to get the best results for his clients. 

Shawn currently works out of Bergen County, NJ, Rockland County, NY and The Upper West Side of New York City. He offers private in home service working with all breeds and behavioral problems, from puppy to full grown adult canines.


Shepherd's Watch

Shepherd's WatchShepherd's Watch Service Dog Training can provide the home owner and law enforcement with a full service experience.

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